Dec 15

Is this thing on?

With my youtube channel starting to pickup a bit of a following I’ve been thinking about reviving this blog again.  Not sure if I’ll find time to stick with it or not but figured it was as good an excuse as any to blow out some cobwebs and so some updates.

I’m back to a very simple stripped down theme for the time being, if I do customize things it won’t get much fanicer.  Just perk up some colors and maybe add a header image or something.  I like it clean like this.

Lately I’ve been pretty focused on RC flying, I’ve become a regular poster at the Flite Test forums starting with my first quadcopter build using a homemade MultiWii flight controller.  Since then I’ve dug in and made my own RX’s my own F4 based TauLabs controller and am currently helping test a new fork of Tau Labs called dRonin. I’ve also done quite a bit of fixed wing and FPV flying along with all the electronics and have been having a blast.  Quite a few people have told me I should have a blog to share all my exploits and my answer of “I have one, just haven’t updated it in years” is starting to feel lame.

Today I’m hoping to dig in on a new project.  I’ve been intrigued by 3D printing for years and have wanted to build one for about a decade.  I finally felt kit prices had got low enough and quality high enough that I started saving for one, and with the addition of some holiday funds pulled the trigger on a Folger Tech RepRap 2020 Prusa i3 kit that is scheduled for delivery today.

So seems like a good enough excuse to dust this thing off, see what still works…and maybe start using it again 🙂