Mar 10

CBG #2

Ok, so I promised a write up about building my second Cigar Box Guitar. I have a feeling it’s going to go a bit long so I may have to split it up into a couple of updates. But hey, at least that will give me an excuse to keep updates coming for a bit.

So here it goes, a bit of background and then the first steps of building my second cigar box guitar:
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May 08

Back in the saddle

I know what you’re thinking.  Hopefully that means I’m back in the saddle with regular updates.  And while I certainly hope that’s true I’m not quite going to be promising it yet.  The last 7 days we had Amy’s mom visiting so things were a little busy and finding time for blogging was not at the top of my list.  Even so the blog saddle is not the one I’m declaring myself back into just yet.  Nope, rather I’m talking about the one musical instrument I’ve ever been able to do more than annoy people with.  My parents shipped my old coronet out to me and I just picked it up from the post office.  It’s in pretty rough shape – this was my learner horn and not the good horn I later upgraded to (and then sold when I quit playing) but it still plays so that’s enough for me to try and relearn.

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Apr 08

An idea so perfect…

How I never thought of this I’ll never figure out.

Yeah, the amp I made sure came out clean:

Amp on breadboard

But I win zero points for style when compared to this: