Test of Gallery integration

I may be a huge Smugmug fan, but I also do a lot of sites powered by Gallery so here are a few photos of my wedding included using wp-gallery-remote to very easily post them from My parents old website:

{wp-gallery-remote: gallery=1; rootalbum=3596; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true; imagefilter=include:3597,3601,3604,3613,3618,3997,4007,4009,7615,7635,7639,7641,7647,10390;}

A+ for ease of posting, the easiest way I’ve seen yet to get images into a blog post. But I only give it a C for display. Something went kind of funky with some of the thumbs, and I’m not a big fan of the scroll to see them all. But I can probably tweak it to do something I prefer.

Now if I can just find or make a plugin that works like this for Smugmug I’ll be set!


  1. Ok, points off for the annoying way that it won’t clear after that deal either.

  2. Well, registration was easy once I knew that it was required. Guess I should have figured that out without help.

  3. It shouldn’t still be requiring registration. And you did raise a good point that how to register, and that it was required, wasn’t obvious. We’ll see how it goes with the current settings and keep my fingers crossed that I don’t have to go back to requiring registration to keep out spam.

    Oh – and I was able to fix the annoying lack of a clear in the post … but since it required manual intervention I’m still not giving any points back 😀

  4. Totally different thread – the picture of you and Amy (DSC_1733) at the prison that we had made into a canvas gallery wrap. Which way do you like it? In your album Mom used it horizontal. But when I hung it in our entry hall, I hung it vertical. It really works both ways. Do you guys have a preference?

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