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I’m giving up on blogger. It’s not that Blogger is bad, just that I much prefer the hack and expand ability of WordPress. As I start to focus in on what I want to do with my personal site when I finally redo it a flexible blog seems more and more important. So I setup a new WordPress blog on my site and am working on redirecting all my traffic to it. So things may be a bit bumpy while some things sort out. Read on for all the details:

I registered a new domain name nevermindthesand.com which will soon link directly here. The long and dirty link to get here is http://www.hitesman.com/jason_blog/wordpress/index.php and should always work. http://blog.dunephotos.com should be pointing here soon. And dunephotos.blogger.com will eventually redirect here as well. I’m hoping the redirets I setup will cover any links to articles and images on the old Blogger blog….but I figure doing this now when I have barely 20 posts it will be a lot easier than waiting until later.

And I’m already much more impressed with WordPress than I ever was with Blogger. I had no problem finding and installing a SmugMug plugin that makes it a breeze to link to my photos in posts. And being able to split a post makes it so my homepage won’t get cluttered and long due to my longer posts – but I can still make those posts and have them on their own pages. TinyMCE, the editor that ships with WordPress, also seems to work better for me than Bloggers editor did. Blogger is nice for a quick and dirty, free and simple, get it up there blog. WordPress is a Porsche to Bloggers VW – they both get the job done, have a lot of shared roots, and are a blast to drive…but for very different reasons! I may not be able to afford a Porsche (and can barely keep my VW running for that matter.) but with server resources to spare WordPress is a no brainer upgrade for me!

I’m working on getting a theme customized, so there are bound to be a few rough edges still. And it seems the import from Blogger brought in my tags as categories and left my tags blank…so I’ll have to clean a few things on my existing posts it appears. So hang on and I welcome any feedback on the changes from a visitors side.

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