WTI time again

The marines in town are having their “annual” (they started doing it more than once a year awhile back) training exercises here in town right now. At my old house it was a real blast, they’d land at a school two blocks away – but the approach they took came directly over my roof. I used to go up and sit on the roof to take photos since they were so incredibly close. I figured that was something I wouldn’t get to enjoy anymore here at the news house. Turns out I was only partially right.

You see, there are more than one set of exercises that they do. While the one at that school is now too far away for me to watch – there’s another at a local park which just happens to be a few blocks away from my new house! The big tree that gives us so much shade over the house and patio and the RV shade block most of the view – but if you’re quick you can still snap a few as they pass overhead.

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