Back in the saddle

I know what you’re thinking.  Hopefully that means I’m back in the saddle with regular updates.  And while I certainly hope that’s true I’m not quite going to be promising it yet.  The last 7 days we had Amy’s mom visiting so things were a little busy and finding time for blogging was not at the top of my list.  Even so the blog saddle is not the one I’m declaring myself back into just yet.  Nope, rather I’m talking about the one musical instrument I’ve ever been able to do more than annoy people with.  My parents shipped my old coronet out to me and I just picked it up from the post office.  It’s in pretty rough shape – this was my learner horn and not the good horn I later upgraded to (and then sold when I quit playing) but it still plays so that’s enough for me to try and relearn.

Like I said, it’s hard a hard life.  The connection between the bell and the valves is broken so I had duct taped the bell and entry tube together to keep it from vibrating.  My dad took the tape off, but couldn’t get the residue off so it picked up a bunch of fuzz from the case.

The bell is bent both down and in, and while it’s kind of hard to see in the photos that first tube looks like a snake it’s been bent in so many directions.  One of the valve caps is a mismatch, and the 3rd valve slide has been wired into place (I seem to remember it was a little loose and for marching band perfect pitch wasn’t as important as not loosing bits of your instrument!)  It’s sure not much to look at…but it does still play.  I was surprised to find that all three valves still worked – though not very smoothly after 10 years of sitting in a closet!

The mouthpiece included was my 1-1/2C.  Not exactly a beginners piece, I may have to hit up a local music store and see if I can find a 3C to start out with until I get my lip back.  My mom was going to try and dig up my old music books – but apparently didn’t have any luck as they weren’t included in the box.  I’ll have to dig up some drills to practice on as well I guess.  Need to hit the music store anyway for a bore brush, some valve oil and slide lube since none of that was still with it either and I’d really like to give it a good cleaning.

Even so I gave it a blow and found that I still remember a few things.  I got through a few scales and even remembered the opening of our high school fight song.  But my lip is way out of shape and it will be awhile before I feel confident enough in my playing to subject anyone other than Amy to my attempts at playing!  Thankfully our backroom is very well insulated so I can practice back there and hopefully not upset anyone!

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  1. Sometimes distance is an advantage:)

    Keeping up with a talent like yours is well sorth the effort. You may not ever makje it to the Phoenix Symphonie (do they even have one?) but it can still provide relaxation and enjoyment. For you if not for Amy.

  2. Keep practicing! Someday maybe your sense of pitch will return…. 🙂

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