The dust! The cobwebs!

Ahhhh!   Man this thing gets dirty quick if I don’t keep up with it!  Sorry for going so long without any updates.  Things have been crazy busy in life the past month or two.  And while that did make for lots of blog worthy stories – it also left me with no time to type them up.  And the issues with photo posting after the last update continues to bug me and make me not want to post.

I’m getting rid of the twitter box.  It just slows things down too much and I don’t update it enough.  So maybe the site loading quicker will help inspire me to post more.  Plus I just made some big progress on my Manx that I’m anxious to talk about so that may also spur some more posts.

Of course I’m also still enjoying watching grass grow in my yard – so “more frequent” posts may be a relative kind of thing 😀  Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. OMG! It lives again! Are you sure that the grass hasn’t gone to your brain? We might need to mow in there too… 😉

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