Weekend projects

So the plan was to finish painting the hallway this weekend.  That didn’t exactly happen.  Then we noticed that the wood on the backyard kitchen is looking like it should get some kind of protectant on it sooner rather than later.  So we decided to look into that as this weekends project.  And we did buy some wood cleaner and a combined protectant/stain.  But it’s a little warm out for that and it may rain…so even that got pushed to the back burner.

I also found one last bag of the grass seed I’ve been using in the backyard and another bag of starter fertalizer since things are starting to brown a little back there (I cut back my watering schedule a little prematurely it seems) but haven’t got that down yet either.  I did however get this up:

Flag on our carport

Flag on our carport

I’ve been wanting to put a flag up since we moved in.  There really isn’t a place in our front yard for a tradional flagpole.  And thanks to the carport I couldn’t really mount one to the house.  But I figured the carport itself would be a nice place to mount one.  That tube was uncapped though so I couldn’t just bolt a bracket on.  I ended up cutting a piece of wood to fit inside the tube, then screwing another piece to the end that would be big enough to mount the bracket to.  Seems to work like a charm!  I also picked up a cheap solar light which is mounted on the wall under the carport to shine up at the flag – we’ll see tonight if it’s bright enough to do any good or not.

Oh yeah, the photo was snapped with Amy’s new cell phone which we got on saturday.  That was the main reason we didn’t get much else done this weekend.  Once we got her her new toy she wanted to come home and play with it 😀  Looks like it does a decent job on photos.  And she’s really happy with it since she finally has the UK fight song as her ring tone.

In other news friday night I was “treated” to the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried to eat in my life.  In Yuma the late night options are rather limited so we ended up at Denny’s.  I ordered a western burger which I’ve had before and quite enjoyed.  But this time something went wrong.  I don’t know if it was someone in the kitchens idea of a sick/cruel joke…or if they ran out of BBQ sauce and tried to cover for it…but instead of BBQ sauce my burger was covered in A1.  And I don’t mean just a splash…I mean swimming in it.  Now I like A1 just fine…but it’s not something to be eaten in that kind of quantity.  The first bite of the burger brought tears to my eyes.  I recognized the taste…but couldn’t quite place it…so I took another bite to try and figure it out.

After 2 or 3 bites I figured out that it was A1 and not BBQ.  At that point I attempted to scrape off as much as I could…but it was still way too much.  To add insult to injury they put tomatos on my burger after I asked for it with none, and the bug was both stale AND soggy.  Apparently my burger sat under the heat lamps since the bun was soggy from the outside/bottom up due to condensation NOT due to juices soaking into it. After a few more attempted bites I couldn’t handle anymore…thankfully our server showed up around that time to ask how everything was.  He tried to claim that it was a mix of BBQ/A1 but I pointed out I had ordered this before and something was quite wrong tonight.  He offered to get me something else but at that point even though I was hungry, I could eat no more as my stomach was in knots from the quantity of A1 I had consumed.

I overheard the server talking to the manager which I believe is why he came back with a new bill that didn’t include my “meal”.  And I heard him going into the kitchen say “well, I got you off the hook on this one” which leads me to believe the kitchen knew full well what they were doing.  Had they just told me they were out of BBQ I would have gladly ordered something else.  Now instead I’m afraid our late night dinner options may be even more limited for awhile 🙁


  1. We we definitely NOT be eating at Denny’s for a while. I wish I had had my new phone a day earlier, then we could have shown you all what this disgusting “meal” was like.

    Also, the new phone rocks. It hasn’t started breaking on me yet, as a lot of the reviews said it would. I give it three to four months.

    Next weekend, we may make more headway on the house. Good news is that Jason did run the vacuum and our laundry is a bit caught up (OK, Jason’s laundry).

    Alas the ficus tree is raining down leaves and it looks like the palo verde is going to flower again (after it just dropped mounds of seeds everywhere). Good news is the blooms from the palo smell wonderful and break down nicely for compost. The needles, on the other hand, needs some help. Maybe Jason will treat you to some pictures of our compost bed?

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