Clogging my own pipes

Ok, yeah it really need to start updating around here better.  Looks like the newer versions of WP have some better facebook/twitter and most importantly smugmug interfaces…so I may actually start updating this more often again soon.

In the meantime rather than post about my own CBG I’ve been building…which I really should do.  I’m going to post about Cigarboxnation so I can try and win a professionally built CBG.  In exchange I promise I’ll come back and post a real writeup about my CBG at some point…and update this software…and install Amy a blog for the upcoming baby.  Oh yeah…I guess I haven’t even mentioned that here lately either.  Facebook…you made me lazy!

Anyway, here’s what finally made me remember my password and post an update:

How to build a cigar box guitar – Free Plans at

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