Yeah…I know

My blog is jacked up.  The theme I was using stopped working after some updates.  So here’s something minimal for now.

No real updates.  Most things I end up posting on Google Plus or Facebook.  Since my own blog has usually just been a place for longer updates than Facebook can handle I haven’t had much time for updating it since our daughter was born.  And while I feel an increased need to share stories and photos of her with our families and friends but less with the world in general I didn’t want to have to deal with accounts on here to protect private posts.

I’m not getting rid of the blog, but I’m not sure just what I’ll be posting here now I’ve gotten to play with google plus.  When I have projects worth sharing with the world I’ll still post them here, but that still doesn’t mean they’ll be exciting.

And maybe someday I’ll find time to build a theme.  Until then I like this ultra simple theme I had experimented with previously.

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