May 10

More about baby

Today, I woke up at 7:30 on the nose. OK, it was really 7:29, but I was wide awake and the bladder was signalling overtime. It has been tougher to get in and out of bed, with my pelvis and leg being so sore. Well, tougher to move around in general. So, I trudged from the back room to the bath and back and tried to go back to sleep. Not happening. I expected Jason to walk in any moment and say that our friend Mark (who does A/C work) was there or shortly to arrive. And I needed to be out of the room, so he could work back there on extending our A/C unit to that room.

So, up, up and up I got. I showered, got dressed, ate some cantaloupe while checking e-mail and Facebook, read the morning news (at least as much as I could take). I read the morning pregnancy blogs and yelled a lot at the dog (who thinks it is her bounden duty to bark at everything that moves past the house).

The day was paved with good intentions. I planned to (not in any certain order): take a painting into the frame shop; go to the bank; the library; church choir practice; take the hound to the dog park; go grocery shopping; make important phone calls to family members, among others; get the rest of the nursery cleaned out and ready to paint tomorrow; and get all the thank you notes written for various baby showers over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, not a lot of that happened. Continue reading →

May 10

Baby soon to come

Well, within the next month at least. Jason and I are both getting excited. I am a bit apprehensive, but things are starting to come together and that is good. I think we are both very tired, but what new parent-to-be or new parent isn’t? We’ll get used to it, hopefully.

Apr 10

Whole lotta shak’n going on

Today I thought I felt the earth move. And I probably did. But it wasn’t the earth that was shaking (or at least I’m not sure if we had too many large aftershocks today) — it was the baby rocking the boat. She’s getting pretty big now, at least it seems to me. Her kicks aren’t as strong because there ain’t much room to move around in there. But when she rolls or flips or has the hiccups or tries to flap her arms, everything moves. Even my chair. Sometimes she moves just up and out of the blue and I tend to roll with her for some odd reason. It’s like miniearthquakes all the time.

Oh sure, she has a regular wake/sleep pattern that I know pretty well. She does change it up every couple of days, though, I guess this is normal. I like laughing at her and how she vies for my attention or if I put something on my stomach that she doesn’t like or wants to play with (Wii controller, she likes; tight pants, not so much).With the first baby, it’s hard to know. Everyone has an opinion and everyone says something different. That just goes to show you how unique babies are as individuals even when they aren’t here yet.

And speaking of “getting here,” we hit 34 weeks on Tuesday, so baby is coming soon. A couple in our childbirth class who was a month ahead of us (timewise, anyway) had their baby on Wednesday, a beautiful boy. So, it seems more real as time draws closer. If only the nursery were done. But that’s a weekend project for this weekend (hopefully).

Apr 10

Amy Pictures

Took Amy to the west wetlands and the gateway park for some photos.  Unfortunately the new camera and I did not communicate with each other well.  The last shot was the only one I was close to happy with (and even then I’m not big on the composition and it’s not what I thought it was.)

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Oh well, at least distant friends and family can get an idea of what Amy looks like right now.   Full album here.

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Feb 10

The sprog is coming…

We had our last child birth class tonight. In some ways, it was kind of sad. In some ways, I’m glad it’s over. Just don’t ask me any questions, because I’m not sure how much I’ll remember in 13 weeks when the baby is due. Yes, baby. Due in 13 weeks from today. Scary. Exciting. Life-changing. And no, the nursery is not done. Not anywhere near done. Time to get hopping.