May 10

More about baby

Today, I woke up at 7:30 on the nose. OK, it was really 7:29, but I was wide awake and the bladder was signalling overtime. It has been tougher to get in and out of bed, with my pelvis and leg being so sore. Well, tougher to move around in general. So, I trudged from the back room to the bath and back and tried to go back to sleep. Not happening. I expected Jason to walk in any moment and say that our friend Mark (who does A/C work) was there or shortly to arrive. And I needed to be out of the room, so he could work back there on extending our A/C unit to that room.

So, up, up and up I got. I showered, got dressed, ate some cantaloupe while checking e-mail and Facebook, read the morning news (at least as much as I could take). I read the morning pregnancy blogs and yelled a lot at the dog (who thinks it is her bounden duty to bark at everything that moves past the house).

The day was paved with good intentions. I planned to (not in any certain order): take a painting into the frame shop; go to the bank; the library; church choir practice; take the hound to the dog park; go grocery shopping; make important phone calls to family members, among others; get the rest of the nursery cleaned out and ready to paint tomorrow; and get all the thank you notes written for various baby showers over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, not a lot of that happened. Continue reading →

Mar 10

Time for a new window

The screen never fit right in our dining room window, so I figured we should replace it.  Read more for the photos.

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Sep 08

Busy weekend

It’s been a weekend that could have easily supported a blog post a day.  But I’m lazy and I really was hoping to get a new photo or two printed before posting…but other things happened and I still haven’t made any new prints.  So here’s the updates instead!

This one will be long with a lot of photos…no teaser photo for the front though.

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Aug 08

Being right ain’t no fun sometimes.

Yeah, I admit I like being right.  Most of the time.  But sometimes I really wish I wasn’t right about something.  Like the prediction I made when we bought this house that “Those carport tarps won’t last a year” despite the sellers assurance that “They have a 7 year warranty and are only a year or so old.”  Which of course means – it happened again.

It happened again.

It happened again.

Read on for more details, more photos, and something completely different.

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Aug 08

New negs

Well, with the darkroom functional for printing – though annoying to use without a safelight – this weekend Amy and I decided to work on the other half of the image and expose some film.

Laguna Dam - abandoned sluiceway

Laguna Dam - abandoned sluiceway

Read on for details!

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Aug 08

My latest darkroom

Well the blog started with my first darkroom, this isn’t a sign that the blog is ending…but I now have a darkroom again!  Well, kind of.  A new camera store opened up in town and we stopped in on Saturday to check it out.  Turns out they have darkroom supplies, so I couldn’t resist.  We picked up some paper and chemicals and decided it would give us incentive to get a darkroom up and going!  Read on for details about how we’ve pulled it off…kind of…. Continue reading →

Feb 08


Trying out the whole posting from a phone thing. This is a little snap from my cellphone of this weekends project. Unfortunately the cell phone camera completely destroys the whole point which was to show off the new paint colors in the living room. But due to the lousy color rendition in the cell phone the new blue wall looks like the old green color! The red is kind of far off as well.

So I guess I’ll have to break out the real camera for some comparison shots tomorrow.

Here’s the original view of the living room in the colors that were there when we moved in:

(Click for larger view)