Mar 10

Time for a new window

The screen never fit right in our dining room window, so I figured we should replace it.  Read more for the photos.

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Sep 08

Oh yeah

Almost forgot.  I also made my first attempt at a lattice top pie today:

I think it’s cooled now…and Amy just got home from work with dinner and some ice cream to go with it 😀  My first attempt at a lattice (could have used one more strip in the one direction) and my first apple…hope it’s good!  Sure smelled good!

Jul 08

Lootin’ the corpse

So, less than a month between updates – maybe I’m getting better at this after my downward slide.  Before I get to the reason for the title though a few “Off-topic” updates.  I’ve been miserable sick the past week.  Summer colds are bad enough in temperate weather…but when it’s over 100 out and you’ve got sinus pressure, runny nose and an annoying cough – life is extra miserable.  Thankfully after a weekend of cold meds and curling up on the couch with tissues I’m feeling much much better today.

The solar lights mentioned in my last post have gone from bad to worse…only the two I repaired are now working.  The others are in my office letting their batteries drain.  Though about half of those seem like it may be bad batteries and not just overcharging.  I’ll give them a few more weeks of darkness before putting them back out.

The backyard grass continues to grow and I continue to watch it.  Still not quite grown in well enough for me to post photos…but a HUGE improvement over the bare earth and gravel that was there when we moved in.  I think one more bag of fertalizer and one more bag of seed for the remaining bare spots and it will be looking good enough for photos.  And hopefully by October or so when the weather finally breaks it will be ready for backyard party season!  I’m already getting the itch to start making more pizzas remembering how great the last two experimental “grilled pizzas” came out.

And while I’m bound and determined not to let this disintegrate into a “Coffee blog” that is the reason for the title and what has again inspired me to put my lazy fingers to the keys and bang out an update.  The corpse in question is our local Linens N Things which is one of the stores they’re closing to try and save their hides in the tumbling economy.  Since I am as always about 180 degrees out of sync with the rest of the world bad economy for everyone else means time for me to score some great deals, kind of like we did with our house!

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Mar 08

Not slacking

Despite the apperance of my blog I have not been slacking lately.  Well, ok.  I have been slacking about updating my blog.  But the reason for that is just about every other aspect of my life I haven’t been slacking lately 😀  That and It just feels wrong to me to blog without photos…but I haven’t had time to take and download any photos of the stuff I’ve been up to the past couple of days.

So I figured I should take a few minutes to slip in a little text only update.  Mainly work has just had me swamped.  I’ve been working on a couple of big projects that are gobbling up every spare minute they can.  I did manage to make a few new food treats lately, and food is something I’ve really been wanting to bring into the blog.  So let’s talk about those. Continue reading →