Sep 08

Busy weekend

It’s been a weekend that could have easily supported a blog post a day.  But I’m lazy and I really was hoping to get a new photo or two printed before posting…but other things happened and I still haven’t made any new prints.  So here’s the updates instead!

This one will be long with a lot of photos…no teaser photo for the front though.

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Aug 08

Being right ain’t no fun sometimes.

Yeah, I admit I like being right.  Most of the time.  But sometimes I really wish I wasn’t right about something.  Like the prediction I made when we bought this house that “Those carport tarps won’t last a year” despite the sellers assurance that “They have a 7 year warranty and are only a year or so old.”  Which of course means – it happened again.

It happened again.

It happened again.

Read on for more details, more photos, and something completely different.

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Jul 08

You would think….

Living in one of the best areas for solar power in the entire country you would think I’d have better luck with said technology.  But no, that’s not the case.  Shortly after Amy and I moved into our new house we bought a set of solar path lights using one of the many gift cards we got from our wedding.  They were fairly cheap, made of plastic, and having just a single amber LED in each they don’t give off much light.  It only took a week or two for me to replace them with a set of traditional 12v lights.  But the LED lights still worked so I didn’t want to just discard them.

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Mar 08

So the winds are gone…

Well, the winds are gone…and so is half of our carport tarp. As I mentioned in my last post the high winds on sunday really did a number on our carport. Here are some better photos of the destruction in action:

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